Hesperia Renters Move Into New Rental Home to Find it in Shambles

Hesperia Renters Move Into New Rental Home to Find it in Shambles

HESPERIA – A Hesperia woman, her husband, her daughter, and her 70-year-old disabled father were all set to move into a new rental home on Thursday. The family had paid $2350 for the rent and deposit and signed the lease with IE Rental Homes located at 8671 C Avenue in the City of Hesperia.

On Thursday, May 4, 2017, according to the tenants, they were told the home was ready and they received the keys. Eager to move into their new place, they took the rental truck full of their belongings to the home in the 15700 block of  Bleriot Street in the City of Hesperia.

When they got there they were shocked, to say the least, the home was not only not ready, but unlivable with no running water, no electricity, no flooring, and no drywall in some areas. The renter, who out of embarrassment has asked to remain anonymous said, “I just rented it yesterday, and it’s unlivable. I’m not being prissy or just stuck up I’m being serious,” she said.  There’s no carpet tile, it’s concrete, the walls need to be finished there’s no drywall, texture paint or anything. The kitchen is ripped out and thrown out into the indoor greenhouse that was being used to grow pot plants.”

She said that she called Myra Vargas, an agent with the company to express her concern. Vargas according to the renter, told them that they should just stay in the garage until the work is complete. The massive amount of work left to be done she said was expected to be complete on Tuesday.  

When a 24/7 Headline News reporter spoke with Myra Vargas, a leasing agent with I.E. Rental Homes, she said that the lease said that the move in date is supposed to be May 12, 2017. She also stated that there is no woman or child listed on the lease, the property was leased to two men, one a 70-year-old male. She vehemently denied speaking with a woman or telling her to sleep in the garage.

24/7 Headline News is working on viewing a copy of the tenant lease to verify the lessee’s and lessor’s account of the incident. If received, we will update with our findings.

Meanwhile, the family has placed the woman’s elderly father who is suffering from Parkinson’s and Diabetes in a motel since there is no way he would be able to stay in the garage of a home with no running water or electricity. The family has dogs, so they are forced to stay in their rental home at least part time until the home is complete. With funds exhausted from the rent, deposit, and moving costs,  they can not just get up and move. The family said that they only shared their story so this would not happen to any other family in need of a rental home.


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Staff Writer

This article was written by a staff member of the 24/7 Headline News Organization
  • nerakk

    Sounds like they didn’t inspect the property? The article isn’t clear on what happened and there isn’t much detail on a time line, like when they looked at the property originally. If they were told by the agent, the property would be ready the next day after stating this, then it should be the rental company that pays for their motel room. I would be taking them to court, that agent should have know, it wasn’t ready, sounds like a scam. I googled the address and name of company and a list of apartments comes up, no company.

    • YouveGottaBeKidding

      I wondered if the person who “rented” this family the home even has the right to be renting it to someone.

      • nerakk

        I was thinking that too, after reading the article a couple of times, it was poorly written. It’s best to get photo ID from them, just like they want from us and a business license. As much info as possible, plus, I wouldn’t pay cash, I would use a bank check, something with a paper trail.

  • Dean Boyer

    I live on the street, the house was a pot grow house for about a year and destroyed.. Also the original owner who had built the house himself committed suicide inside the house. He was in his 90’s. I was surprised people were moving in this week it was not even close to being done ( we saw the interior) walls were down and the garage full of debris.

  • BillCNC

    Sounds to me like the property Management company should be on the hook for ALL expenses and any inconvenience ALONG WITH a few month FREE RENT should make all those involved happy.