Halloween Safety Tips To Keep your Family Safe

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and your local law enforcement want to help you keep your children safe this Halloween and have provided tips for parents.

Although the holiday is a children’s holiday,  there are some sadistic human beings out there who thrive on hurting other living beings. In the past, people have located sharp objects, pills, or other dangerous items concealed in their children’s candy. Your child should never snack on treats while out trick-or-treating. To avoid the urge to snack, make sure you child does not go out on an empty stomach and if you feel the urge may be too great, put a few candies that you purchased in their pocket before heading out. Let them know that all candy must be checked prior to them eating it.

Remind children that they should not eat anything that is not commercially wrapped. Also, before opening a commercially wrapped treat, you should check carefully for discoloration, tiny pinholes, tears, or packages that look resealed. Throw away anything that looks even the slightest bit suspicious. For very young children, remove anything that can become a choking hazard, such as gum, peanuts, hard candies, jawbreakers, or small toys.

Remember, the streets are dark, and although most people watch for little ghouls and goblins not all do. Some motorists may even be under the influence following an adult party. Make sure your child is dressed in either a light-colored costume or has reflective tape added to all sides of their costume. Also, a glow stick or flashlight provides the extra illumination needed to possibly avoid an accident.

Planning to host or attend a Halloween party?  Bobbing for apples can create a bacteria risk causing a foodborne illness. You can reduce the risk by thoroughly rinsing them in cold water. You can also use a brush to remove surface dirt. Unpasteurized juice or cider can contain harmful bacteria like Salmonella. Make sure that the drinks you serve are pasteurized to protect yourself, your family, and your guests. Yes, yes, we all love raw cookie dough, but resisting the urge can reduce the risk of Salmonella. Keep all perishable foods chilled until serving time. The risk of bacterial growth increases after 2 hours in temperatures under 90°F and in one hour if over 90°F.

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