Woman Learns She is Pregnant and Gives Birth to Triplets the Same Day

Woman Learns She is Pregnant and Gives Birth to Triplets the Same Day

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RAPID CITY, SD.Dannette Glitz had pain throughout the day on Saturday, August 10, 2019, and figured it was kidney stones, as she had once before. She went on about her day attempting to ignore the pain but it intensified to the point where she laid in her bed and cried. Dannette went  to urgent care thinking she would end up needing surgery for kidney stones, but she quickly learned she did not have kidney stones.

As a matter of routine, the nurse asked her for a urine specimen. Dannette was shocked when the nurse returned to told her that she was pregnant.  After learning this new piece of shocking information, the nurse checked the heartbeat of her surprise baby, she told Dannette that she heard two heartbeats. Surprised that she was pregnant, possibly with twins, she was told to go to Spearfish Regional Hospital for further treatment. “So I get to Spearfish and in about 2 hours they confirmed twins as there were two heart beats,” said Dannette. 


As the pain increasingly intensified, Dannette wondered if the pain was contractions. The doctor checked and she was 4 cm dilated. She was rushed to Rapid City Regional Hospital where they took her to get an ultrasound to see the position of the babies. One of them was feet down, so they determined that a c-section was needed. When checking they learned that Dannette was now 6 cm dilated and time was running out. They rushed her into the operating room to prepare her for a c-section, she said.

Once the c-section began she heard the doctor announce at 7:04 p.m., “baby A is a boy”, 7:05 p.m. “baby B is a girl”, after a moment, the doctor yelled for another blanket because there was another baby.  Baby C ended up being a baby girl born at 7:08 p.m. They learned based on the baby’s weights being all well-over 4 pounds each that she was approximately 34 weeks pregnant.

Already a mother to two children, Dannette thought she would catch the signs of pregnancy but in this case, she did not. I  never felt movement and I never got morning sickness,” Dannette said. Dannette shared the three bundles of joy in photos to her friends as she explained that the pregnancy was never announced because she didn’t even know. The triplets are nearing release from the hospital and the family has had no time to prepare for not one, but three new additions. A friend of Dannette started a Facebook Fundraiser to assist their family with their family, which nearly doubled in size.

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