Glimmers of Hope in a Nation Nearly Falling Apart

Glimmers of Hope in a Nation Nearly Falling Apart

After a week of anguish, all involving law enforcement, on Friday the nation has shown solidarity with their local law enforcement agencies.

All within just two days officers from Louisianna and Minnesota shot and killed two men who appeared to be limited to no risk at the time of the shootings. Few details emerged about what happened prior to the recording but the footage shown was at very least upsetting to view.  The deaths of these men, both black men in their 30’s sparked outrage by many who viewed the cell phone video of each. Law Enforcement Officers were scrutinized for something that the majority were equally disturbed by.

Law Enforcement officers moved on doing the jobs required of them, protecting and serving. On Thursday night around 800 people in the Dallas, Texas area planned a peaceful protest. Officers responded to the protest location and everything went as planned. People were able to voice their sadness, fears, and frustrations. As the protest ended just before 9:00 p.m. (CST) dozens of shots rang out. The crowd scrambled but 11 officers were shot, and five officers died as a result of the shooting.

The nation was left at a loss, two possibly innocent men dead, five police officers dead, and several injured. The officers in the shooting of the two men on Tuesday are now on administrative leave pending investigation. The suspects in the shooting during the protests are in custody and one is deceased. A nation is seemingly divided by both incidents, some labeling law enforcement officers in a negative way and some labeling black men in a negative way.  Those responsible for all three of these shootings,  just a miniscule percentage of a whole.

Through the seemingly dark week came little glimmers of light; glimmers of hope in small gestures made to local law enforcement agencies nationwide. These things may help the misunderstood law enforcement officials who lost some of their law enforcement brothers to move forward knowing that the support of those they serve remains.





We know the next is not in the U.S. but it is just too good not to share.


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