Victorville “Quad Squad” Family Needs a Christmas Miracle

VICTORVILLE  – A Victorville family who experienced a miracle earlier this year is now in need of another miracle, hopefully in time for Christmas.

Michelle and Andrew Zamora brought four children into the world on Sunday, May 15, 2016. This miracle did not come easy for the couple, who at the time had one son, who the couple used fertility treatment to conceive after five years of longing for a child. The couple’s son, Jax, turned 2-years-old on May 26, 2016.

Watching their handsome and intelligent son grow, the couple knew that they wanted to give him the world; which included a sibling. Knowing the hardships that they faced attempting to conceive naturally, they decided to return to their fertility doctor. Soon after the treatments, the couple received the news they longed for, they were again expecting.

The couple did not realize what they were in for until 8 weeks into the pregnancy during a routine ultrasound. During the ultrasound, Michelle, Andrew, and Jax could not wait to see the new addition to their family. To their surprise, there was more than one egg that took, first they noticed two, then a third, and finally, they counted four embryos in all. The likelihood of all four eggs taking was a miracle. Michelle said that the doctor told her that the chances of this were under 1%.  

The family felt extremely grateful for the surprise and shared the wonderful news with family and friends. The pregnancy was difficult, but not out of the ordinary for a multiple birth pregnancy. Michelle was hospitalized at Kaiser Hospital in the City of Fontana at 29 weeks when the babies were found to be low and the hospital found that she was 1cm dilated. On May 15, 2016, at just over 31 weeks gestation, Michelle gave birth to four healthy babies, all weighing over 3 pounds.

The babies faced a few challenges, some minor and some a little more worrisome, but eventually all four babies went home. With some help from family, friends, and even some from the community, the family has flourished. Andrew works hard to support the family and when he is home he is a hands-on father who helps Michelle with the care of their five young children. Long days and nights have been conquered by the couple and financially they have struggled, cut back, and worked hard made ends meet.

The family finally figured out a vehicle situation in order to transport their much larger family and things, although not easy, were working out. On Saturday, December 10, 2016, Michelle was ecstatic to finally be able to do something special with her son, Jax and her mother. The three packed up in the vehicle heading to a Disneyland trip. During the drive, the engine of their vehicle gave out while the three were on the freeway, not only canceling the special trip, but now leaving Michelle, Andrew, Jax, and the quadruplets, known as the quad squad, with only one vehicle. The vehicle that the family now has will not fit the five car seats the family needs in order to leave home.

The family, who is working too hard to make ends meet now is without a vehicle that will get the children to doctor’s appointments or any other place that the family must go. A family member of Andrew and Michelle has started a Go Fund Me account hoping that some of the community will support this family by donating any amount to help them achieve the goal of a safe vehicle that will accommodate the entire family. Michelle posted on Facebook, “Dear Santa, We really need a new car, for our babies, for Christmas,please! Everyone gets one Christmas wish right?”  

The family is also asking friends, family, and the community to help them by contacting Talk Show Host Ellen Degeneres on their Would a New Car Change Your Life?” form on their behalf.  The Quad father, Quad Mommy, Jax, and the Quad Squad need your help, will you help them?

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