An Apple Valley Non-Profit Assists in Spaying and Neutering Over 2700 Cats

An Apple Valley Non-Profit Assists in Spaying and Neutering Over 2700 Cats

APPLE VALLEY – Some people see something that needs to be changed, and say, “someone should …”, while others go out and work on changing what they see needs to be changed.

Melanie Nolan, 70, of Apple Valley is one of those who went out and is making changes. Melanie and her husband Louis rescued cats for several years. One day in 2014 as Melanie was on Facebook she saw something that upset her and she knew had to be changed.

As Melanie was looking through the pet groups on Facebook, ready to spring into action when there was an immediate feline need, Melanie noticed far too many litters of kittens. The part that made things worse was some of these litters were coming from the same owners several times a year. One night she spoke to her husband Louis and told him they needed to do something, but she did not know what. Louis told her he would support her when she figured out what they could do.

Louis went to sleep, and at 2:00 a.m. Melanie figured it out, ‘Operation Kitty Fix’!  She woke up Louis excited to tell him. Louis offered his support and so began ‘Operation Kitty Fix’. Not one to waste any time, Melanie got to work the next day. First Melanie called Bear Valley Animal Hospital, who gives her special rescue pricing for spays and neuters. She explained what she wanted to do and why she wanted to do it and they offered reduced pricing to ‘Operation Kitty Fix’ clients.

Melanie then spoke with a friend in order to find out how to become a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Melanie met with High Desert Community Foundation and less than a month later, in November of 2014, ‘Operation Kitty Fix’ was a non-profit.  Melanie and Louis still fund much of the organization themselves, but ‘Operation Kitty Fix’ does accept donations through a donation box at Bear Valley Animal Hospital and on the High Desert Community Foundation website. “As with most non-profits, we still have a hard time getting donations in,” said Melanie.

Melanie said that with the ‘Operation Kitty Fix’ voucher the normally $89-$100 spay or neuter is $55 or $60. “We also provide a list of additional resources with each voucher we send to our clients,” said Melanie. With the help of additional organizations, like POPCO and/or Actors and Others for Animals, some pay only $5-$30.

Now “Operation Kitty Fix’ gets referrals from Bear Valley Animal Hospital, Actors & Others For Animals, and several other larger organizations. Clients are also found by Melanie searching Facebook for at least a couple of hours a day for those who may be in need of assistance. To date, ‘Operation Kitty Fix’ has sent out 2,758 vouchers. If you would like to assist or need assistance from ‘Operation Kitty Fix’ see their High Desert Community Foundation page. You can also find out more about ‘Operation Kitty Fix” by following their Facebook Page.

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