Apple Valley High School Counselor Dies Jumping Off 15 Freeway Overpass

Apple Valley High School Counselor Dies Jumping Off 15 Freeway Overpass

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RANCHO CUCAMONGA – A well-known Victorville business owner experienced a traumatic experience as he witnessed his wife, an Apple Valley High School Counselor jump off a freeway overpass Tuesday afternoon.

The 55-year-old Victorville woman, identified as Carol Pulice jumped approximately 80 feet to her death off the southbound I-15 freeway in the Rancho Cucamonga area.

At approximately 1:30 p.m., Carol Pulice, the passenger in a 2011 Volkswagen Jetta began making threats to jump out of the vehicle to her husband, Sam Pulice, who was driving the vehicle.

Mr. Pulice called 911 to report her intentions which caused a traffic break to be conducted near Milliken Avenue. Mrs. Pulice began to open the door of the moving vehicle causing him to stop the vehicle to prevent her from jumping from the moving vehicle.

When the vehicle stopped, determined to jump, Mrs. Pulice climbed over the guardrail and immediately jumped from the bridge landing onto the dirt shoulder area of the eastbound 10 freeway, CHP officials said. Carol Pulice was pronounced dead at the scene.

Carol Pulice was well-loved by students and the families of the students at Apple Valley High School. “She was my Counselor at Apple Valley [High School], she inspired me to change my ways and get my diploma. She was the kindest person I’ve even met,” said former AVHS student, Ray Heredia.

Mrs. Pulice touched many lives counseling many students with both academics and through grief, So sad, she was my niece’s counselor and a big help to me with my niece adjusting to her dad passing away,” said Rhonda LeAnn, on the 24/7 Headline News group.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that Mrs. Pulice was battling a terminal illness. She leaves behind her husband, Sam Pulice; the owner of Mojave Copy & Printing, and their three children; Victoria, Andrew, and Matthew.



AVHS Staff and Students Mourn the Loss of Well-Loved Counselor

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  • Sean Jones

    So she counseled many, but didn’t counsel herself. Weird.

    • Teri Dee Burress

      Not really. It’s actually really common. A lot of times those who help the most people need the most help.

      • Sean Jones

        So it’s like a person saying, “I counsel others with success, but I don’t listen to my own BS.”?

        • Elena Kruzinski

          Be kind and show compassion. She was dying of a terminal illness. Don’t judge others pain.

          • Sean Jones

            O.k. Sister Elena.

    • Ann Sotkovski

      It’s not weird. Not all helpers practice self care. Many are so busy helping or doing for others that they are too tired to help or do for themselves.

    • No way

      What an unkind lost soul you must be @Sean. Have some compassion and learn how to be a decent human being! You better hope you’re fortunate enough to never have to face terminal illness or fight for your mental health. Karma is a bitch, expect people to return the same attitude toward you, should you ever struggle in any way and expect undue sympathy towards yourself/situation.

      • Sean Jones

        Truth is somewhat cruel. I didn’t say she was a bad counselor or a person, she probably was a great woman & counselor. It’s just strange how the mind works, that’s all I was trying to say. I didn’t mean any disrespect toward her.

  • Pauletta

    So very sad.

  • Cindy Dierks-Avina

    She was a beautiful, vibrant woman,loved by so many.I am still in shock and disbelief. prayers going out to her family.RIP Mrs.Pulice

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  • anthony cali

    i hope her husband wasn’t cheating on her or anything like that. you never know 🙁

    • disqus_4FgbO2slz4

      No he wasn’t.

    • Elena Kruzinski

      She was very ill. Terminally.

    • Bob Sedison

      Anthony, you hit the nail on the head…

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