AVHS Staff and Students Mourn the Loss of Well-Loved Counselor

AVHS Staff and Students Mourn the Loss of Well-Loved Counselor

APPLE VALLEY – Apple Valley High School (AVHS) students and staff are mourning the loss of a well-loved counselor after she jumped off the 15 freeway overpass to her death Tuesday afternoon. Carol Colene Pulice, the wife of Sam Pulice: the owner of Mojave Copy & Printing and the mother of three took her own life, officials said.

On Tuesday, September 13, 2016, at around 1:30 p.m., during suicide prevention month, Mrs. Pulice expressed her intention to jump off of the freeway overpass. Her husband, who was with her and driving the 2011 Volkswagen Jetta at the time called police for assistance with the situation.
The CHP was able to conduct a traffic break just before Mrs. Pulice began attempting to open the vehicle door. Mr. Pulice, stopped the vehicle to gain control of the situation but when he stopped Mrs. Pulice quickly exited the vehicle, climbed the guardrail and jumped to her death.

As students and staff return to school on Wednesday morning, the school is attempting to provide the support needed for both students and staff. “Our crisis team is over at Apple Valley High School today and we have counseling services available to any employees and students, to support them as they walk through this very difficult time,” said Apple Valley High School Spokeswoman, Kristin Hernandez.

Staff and students alike are devastated at the sudden loss of, for who for many, left a positive impact on their lives. “We were so heavy hearted to hear of the loss of Carol Pulice, a beloved counselor at AVHS,” added Hernandez.  “Carol has always been an inspiration to many of our staff, and to every one of her students. She will be dearly missed by all.”

Words expressing just what an impact Mrs. Pulice made in the lives of students has been expressed by many learning of this tragic end to her life. “She was the kindest, most compassionate, genuine, and beautiful woman,” said Anna Maria Wilson-Valenzuela.  “My family would not [have] survived that High School without her!”

Carol Pulice worked at Apple Valley High School for 23 years. During her time with AVHS, she served in a variety of capacities, including  a teacher, athletic coach, and school counselor.

Several close to the family said Pulice was battling Cancer and having a difficult fight. Mrs. Pulice and her husband, Sam Pulice were well-known in the community for their avid bike riding, some of which was done with the Victor Valley Velo; a local bike club. Sam Pulice, the owner of Mojave Copy and Printing and Carol Pulice supported several youth programs through their sponsorship.

Mrs. Pulice leaves behind her husband, three children and a community who adored her.


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  • Chris Hernandez

    Did you really have to go and post all of these details? These people aren’t just a “story” for you to “get to the bottom of a story” these are friends and great people in our community! Show some decency and respect their privacy! Freedom of speech, right! Well there’s also invasion of privacy! People like you ruin lives all for the sake of…what? Because we heard it from you first?!

    • Kragh Rasmussen

      Amen. Did we need all the gory details.

    • Elena Kruzinski

      This is so sad – especially for all who loved her. It’s heartbreaking that she felt this was the only way out – just too much pain. I don’t know anyone in that town, but I can still understand that shock and pain of this loss. Just want to stick up for the writer of this article though. I think it might have been awful for you to read the article because you know and love the woman. But really, she’s only reporting what is public record. Police record is pubic record, even the pictures from the internet are public record, this happens all day, every day. (People telling the reporter about the cancer, that might be the breach of privacy, I don’t know) I think what we’re dealing with here is – there’s just no easy or gentle way to tell this story. I read it and thought – “Thank God they left out any gory details.” A woman I knew took her life where I live in the exact same way – and they DID NOT spare us the details of what happened to her after she jumped – including reporting on the traumatized motorists below. It’s an awful, painful, tragic situation. It just is. We don’t have to hate the messenger. She has wonderful quotes about Carol and I as a stranger – felt the love the community has for her and how many lives she touched. To me, that was by far the strongest information that stood out more than anything else. Adored by her family and community. I’m so very sorry for your loss – hold onto each other, day by day, hour by hour you will get through this.

      • Elena Kruzinski

        About my previous comment – maybe you guys were referring to the article that has the picture attached from after she jumped? YES – THAT’s too much! NOT a good thing for anyone. Totally unnecessary. That must have been what you were commenting about.

    • Wicked Smilee

      It was the act of public suicide that blew privacy out the story. Just sayin’,… Must have been her motivation?

      • Chris Hernandez

        No, it was someone who illegally obtained private information of details that should not have been written. But I guess you weren’t aware of that now. By the way, thanks for the lesson on what is public, I didn’t know but it all makes sense now…just sayin

  • Kragh Rasmussen

    I am in shock and disbelief. Carol Pulice will always hold a special place in my heart. She was not only my PE teacher but also my advisor for peer leadership. Helping me to navigate one of the hardest times of my life. Coming out to my parents and dealing with bullying in school I often contemplated this. And to hear that someone who had such an impact on my life in a positive way was suffering to this extent is just heart breaking and terrifying. She will always remain a shining star in my life helping to guide me to become the person I am today. She was not only a counselor, mentor, teacher but to many of us she was a friend. A safe place to be yourself. May God bless her and her family and friends at this time. I am truly sorry.


    You are not a journalist. You are a disgusting person and an Internet thief for STEALING pictures from our personal posts from our friends. Please stop these posts about my dear wife Carol. My family cannot handle anymore than we have been dealt with.

    Sam Pulice.