False Rumors Surround Apple Valley Animal Shelter Escapee, “Ginger”

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APPLE VALLEY – “Ginger” the wonder dog, who escaped the Apple Valley Animal Shelter last week has been the talk of the town and beyond. So much so, that she has become the subject of rampant rumors and numerous prospects for her forever placement. Some of these rumors are innocent, but one in particular was addressed by the Apple Valley Animal Shelter’s Director of Animal Services, Gina Whiteside.

This rumor was important to address for those concerned about Ginger and her placement. Whiteside said that the shelter staff was recently contacted by people who told them they were in contact with Ginger’s previous owner. They went on to tell them that they received information that the owner wants her back and the shelter has refused to give her back. This rumor was concerning to Whiteside, so she wanted to get to the bottom of things by first contacting Ginger’s previous owner.

Based on that conversation, we are certain that the previous owner has not communicated with any rescue, individual or AVAS staff to get his dog back,” said Whiteside in a statement. “The previous owner reiterated that he wants Ginger to be placed in a new home that will provide her stability, safety and love. He was happy to hear that Ginger has chosen her new “Furever” home and that she will have a companion to bond and play with when their human is not home.”

The location where Ginger was located following her great escape also was concerning to some, being that it was in close proximity to her previous owner’s new place of residence. The fact she was found there, led people to believe that Ginger was trying to get home, which was not the case since Ginger was relinquished to the shelter prior to the her previous owner moving to that address. “Ginger’s previous owner reiterated that the decision to find her a new home was not an easy one and he was thankful that we called to let him know about her adoption,” said Whiteside.

Whiteside also mentioned that there are or were fundraisers set up to help “Get Ginger’s owner a home they can live in” or to “Get Ginger Back”, and that these are not legitimate fundraisers. Ginger’s previous owner showed concern when these were mentioned thinking there may be someone representing themselves as her previous owner for monetary gain. “He urged anyone that has “donated to an individual or organization to contact authorities because they are being scammed”, added Whiteside.

Whiteside said that AVAS will continue to protect Ginger’s previous owner’s right to privacy and support his decision to find better placement for her. “In situations like this I understand that the public is eager to help both human and canine,” said Whiteside. “Sometimes, we do not understand decisions that humans make, but ultimately we seek to provide animals affected by those decisions with the best possible outcome.”

In response to the flood of those wanting to adopt Ginger by saying that the Apple Valley Animal Shelter has plenty of other pets in need of loving forever homes. 

The Apple Valley Animal Shelter is located at 22131 Powhatan Road in the Town of Apple Valley. The shelter is open on Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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