Glitter Thief Mom Thinks the Media Should Focus on “Bigger Issues”

Glitter Thief Mom Thinks the Media Should Focus on “Bigger Issues”

VICTORVILLE – An Adelanto woman got away with nothing more than what for most would have been public humiliation after stealing around $20 worth of glitter from a Victorville cosmetic store on Wednesday.

The woman, identified as 36-year-old Armida Villa was caught on camera stealing several glitters with her children near her at the Cosmetic Addiction store. The store is located inside the High Desert Indoor Swap Meet at 14668 7th Street in the City of Victorville. “We are in the middle of moving to a new spot in the building, so we left unattended while we were putting up walls in the new place,” said Cosmetic Addiction store owner Patricia Brambila via the store Facebook page.“[Our] neighbor in the white shirt was watching store for us, then this happened.” 

The store owner decided to “make her famous” by posting the video to the store Facebook page. Quickly Villa was recognized and her name was released. The store owner gave Villa until Monday to pay mentioning if it was not paid for, criminal charges would be filed.

 Villa sent her juvenile nieces to return the glitter, but they did not pay and since she did not immediately file charges, they are now unable to. “It was a simple mistake I returned the item and it wasn’t damaged,” said Villa. “and I also paid for the “damage items” you know, all these people want to bash me like everyone so innocent.” Villa made light of the issue and mentioned she would be on the news to her friends via Facebook on Friday afternoon. Her friends made jokes about the situation, but the community felt more strongly about the theft and even more so, stealing with her children nearby.

“I just think there could’ve talked about bigger issues than me taking glitter,” added Villa. “Glitter!”  A former acquaintance said that Villa has four children and is caring for two others. She said that she worries about the children Vills is raising stating that she does the same at local department stores and has had the older children stealing with her.


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