Governor Brown Signs Sanctuary State Bill Protecting Millions of Illegal Immigrants

Governor Brown Signs Sanctuary State Bill Protecting Millions of Illegal Immigrants

SACRAMENTO – In a decision, which would make a nearly split portion of people living in the State of California content versus upset Governor Jerry Brown signed the Sanctuary State bill last week offering peace of mind for many immigrants living in the state. Although the law protects law-abiding immigrants, including those illegally residing in the United States, many are dismayed about what appears to be a disregard of President Trump’s ideation for the United States as far as immigration.

Authorities will be unable to approach those within the state asking them for proof of immigration status or even from asking them about their status. The law is set for January 1, 2018, and will continue to allow correctional facilities to hand convicted criminals, depending on the crime, over to immigration. Brown said that those approximate 2.3 million people, living within the state illegally should not have to live in fear of being arrested solely because of their immigration status.

Those against the bill have argued, including, several different city officials within the State of California fear that this will protect criminals. “For decades the American people rightly have pleaded with their government for a lawful system of immigration,” said Attorney General Jeff Sessions, when speaking about President Trump’s immigration priorities. “They have asked for secure borders and an immigration system that serves the national interest. Unfortunately, over the last several decades respect for the rule of law has broken down and immigration enforcement has been sacrificed for the sake of political expediency. This has made us less secure and it cannot stand.”

Being the state with the largest population in the United States, with nearly 40 million residing in the state, this puts a major damper on President Trumps immigration plans. Support for the bill is split, with many support and stand by the decision which to some, is simply a way of keeping families who broke no other law besides for entering the state intact and with others believing a broken law, is a broken law.

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