Hesperia Man Sentenced to Over 31 Years in Prison For Pimping Teen Girl

Hesperia Man Sentenced to Over 31 Years in Prison For Pimping Teen Girl

HESPERIA – A Hesperia pimp was sentenced today to 31 years and 8 months in state prison, for multiple counts resulting from him, along with two others being involved with human trafficking of a teen girl.

Kristen Davis, 29, was found guilty on Tuesday, January 30, 2018, of human trafficking, assault, pandering by procuring a minor over the age of 16, pimping of a minor 16 years of age or older and human trafficking of a minor for a sex act. Also involved were Ashley DeShae Wimbley, 26, of Hesperia, and Desire Jenkins, 23, of Riverside. District attorney’s officials said that Wimbley recruited the 17-year-old Orange County girl encouraging her to be part of their “team”. After accepting the offer, the teen was forced to prostitute in both Las Vegas and San Bernardino.

At one point, while in Las Vegas, Davis approached a female regarding a $10,000 debt she allegedly had to him. The woman expressed that she did not have the funds to pay him. “Davis held up a bag of drugs to codefendant Jenkins and promised to give it to her if she beat up the adult victim,” District Attorney officials said in a written statement. “Jenkins began punching the victim with her fists, as Wimbley-who had a belt wrapped around her hand-swung the belt at her, repeatedly hitting her in the face with the belt buckle.”

The teen was left by Davis at a Denny’s restaurant and at that time reported the beating incident to the police. “With the minor’s assistance, they located all the suspects and the adult victim,” Deputy District Attorney Tamara Ross said. “The adult victim had two black eyes, a swollen face, and slashing cuts on her face. She testified that she received a broken nose and a permanent scar on her face as a result of the beating. Sadly, the adult victim had tried a few times to escape from the defendant, but each time, he would track her down and threaten to kill her family and her children. He went as far as to text her a photo taken outside her child’s school, and say, ‘If I can shoot a camera, I can shoot a gun.”

Davis was previously convicted of pimping in Los Angeles County May 9, 2014, for carrying a loaded firearm in Los Angeles County on June 19, 2007, for possession of methamphetamine in San Bernardino County on October 20, 2008, and domestic violence on May 5, 2010.

Desire Jenkins was sentenced on March 29, 2017, to 5 years in state prison for her involvement, Ashley Wimbley’s case is still pending trial.

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