Officials Provide Tips to Avoid Rattlesnake Bites

Officials Provide Tips to Avoid Rattlesnake Bites

Fire Officials are warning hikers, as well as others about the warmer temperatures increasing the risk of coming in contact with a rattlesnake.

While you should not avoid your normals enjoyment of Spring and summertime, rattlesnakes are also coming out to enjoy the warmer temperatures. Rattlesnakes are not usually aggressive, they strike when they feel threatened or when they are deliberately provoked. When given space, the rattlesnake will usually avoid any contact with humans. Those who get bit by rattlesnakes are usually attempting to handle them or accidentally touched, making the hands, feet, and ankles most likely to be bit.

A few tips have been shared by the City of Riverside Fire Department to keep you safe.

If you are bitten by a snake, please follow these tips:


1. Do not make incisions over the bite wound

2. Do not restrict blood flow by applying a tourniquet

3. Do not ice the wound

4. Do not suck the poison out with your mouth


1. Stay calm

2. Call 911

3. Wash the bite area gently with soap and water if available

4. Remove watches, rings, etc., which may constrict swelling

5. Immobilize the affected area

6. Keep the bite below the heart if possible

Hike Safe!

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