Victorville Quadruplets Known as the ‘Quad Squad’ Celebrates Their Very First Birthday

Victorville Quadruplets Known as the ‘Quad Squad’ Celebrates Their Very First Birthday

VICTORVILLE – Just one year ago, Victorville residents Michelle and Andrew Zamora welcomed quadruplets to their family. Prior to the birth of the quadruplets, known as the “quad squad” Michelle and Andrew looked at their young son Jax who was just over a year old at the time and wanted to give him the world, including a sibling. Being that the couple had trouble conceiving Jax, they went to their fertility doctor in hopes of giving Jax a brother or sister.

Not long after, the couple was overjoyed to find that Michelle was pregnant. Michelle noticed that she was showing unusually early and felt very sick, but did not think much of it and would joke that maybe all four fertilized eggs took. With the probability of all four eggs taking was less than 1%, according to her doctors, they would all laugh about the seemingly far-fetched thought.

At a routine 8-week checkup which included an ultrasound, Michelle, Andrew and big brother Jax went, and immediately they were told that they were not just having one baby. “It started off as congrats you’re having twins! To wait a minute, there’s three in there, to oh my gosh, no way all 4 eggs took, you’re having quadruplets,” Michelle said. Michelle’s pregnancy did not go without the normal multiple birth complications including hospitalizations for dehydration as a result excessive nausea and vomiting.

Michelle was allowed to go home as long as she remained on bed rest, which she continued until 29 weeks gestation when she was readmitted into the Kaiser Hospital in Fontana because she was dilated to 1cm and the babies were positioned low. Michelle was able to stay pregnant for just over 31 weeks, giving the quadruplets time to grow and develop but on Sunday, May 15, 2016, the quadruplets made their debut.  

All four babies were born within just five minutes, Mason was born at 3:50 a.m. weighing 3.3 pounds and measuring 15.3 inches long. Evan was born at 3:52 a.m. weighing 3.8 pounds and measuring 15.6 inches. Drew was born at 3:53 a.m. weighing 3.9 pounds and was 15.1 inches long. The only girl in the family, besides for Michelle, Bella was born at 3:55 a.m. weighing 3.5 pounds and measuring 17 inches. The babies did have a hospital stay and had some complications due to their early birth, but all of the babies were soon home to make the Zamora family complete.

The joy of all of the babies coming home was met with exhaustion. Andrew had to go to work to help support his now five children, while Michelle had the 24-hour a day job of caring for the quadruplets and Jax, who was still a toddler. Michelle said that throughout, Andrew has always been a great help when he got home from work each day. “Waking up every morning changing never ending diapers, then feeding four babies and feeding a toddler three times a day plus snack times ends up looking like a scene out of the walking dead once we’re all done,” explained Michelle. “So then it’s bath time times five. This life definitely isn’t the easiest or the most convenient, but at the end of the day we didn’t choose this life for us. God choose this life for us!” Volunteers came through to assist with the quadruplets in the very first few weeks, but with four infants and one toddler there were not usually enough help for Michelle to catch even a short nap. “To say this journey has been an emotional rollercoaster doesn’t even begin to cut it,” said Michelle.

The family ran into financial hardships, including the loss of the only vehicle that was able to transport their family at one point. “This last year raising our Quadruplets and their 2-year-old older brother has been the craziest, happiest, longest, fastest, saddest, and joy fullest , but above all; the most amazing year of our lives,” said Michelle. “There’s been days I cried from beginning to end from everything going wrong all at once and days I cried from laughing so hard at all the adorable and new things they were learning.”

Michelle said that all of the babies are very different, Mason is laid back and is content laying around with his toys or bottle. He will “squeak” very loudly when he needs anything. Drew is “Mr. Personality” and smiles all of the time. Michelle said that he is very independent and entertains himself, dances and plays his toy piano. Evan, is now the largest of the children, he is eager to learn and accomplish things. Michelle said that he is saying new words, clapping, waving and giving high fives. Jax has grown very close to Evan who he wrestles and rolls around with. Bella, the only girl is the “boss” of the group and runs the show Michelle said. “She’s our princess & has the attitude to match she loves to dance, say her own name, shake her head no and tell her brother “at at” when they touch her stuff, she’s also the first one to start walking,” said Michelle. “Big brother Jax is still the  head honcho around here and makes sure his siblings remember that, he’s still not use to sharing all his stuff or mommy and daddy at times, but the majority of the time Jax is on the floor playing with all his babies & loving them up. He’s an amazing big brother.”

The Zamora family stood strong and today the quadruplets are now celebrating their first birthday. The children, including their big brother Jax, who will be three in less than two weeks went to their first Disneyland trip as a family on Friday, May 12th, 2017, to celebrate the huge milestone. “Through it all, my five babies have made me a stronger more compassionate and loving person,” added Michelle. “They have taught me so many lessons in life in just this one year and  I couldn’t be more grateful to God for making me their Mom, it’s my life’s greatest blessing! We are so excited to see what the next year has in store for us.”


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