Americans Concerned About What the Repeal and Replace Vote Means to Them

Americans Concerned About What the Repeal and Replace Vote Means to Them

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WASHINGTON – Smiles spread across the faces of the Trump administration and other republicans on Thursday morning after the House voted to repeal and replace the affordable care act.

“This has brought the Republican party together, as much as we have come up with a really come up with a really incredible health care plan, this has brought the Republican party together,” said President Donald Trump. “We are going to get this finished, as you know we put the tax plan in it’s a massive tax cut, the biggest tax cut  in the History of our country.”

As many of the wealthy celebrated due to the large tax breaks to they will be receiving, the elderly, those with chronic medical conditions, and the working class researched what TrumpCare means for them. Trump said that the “win” was a result of Republican

“Today’s Republican House vote will rob 24 million Americans of health care coverage, which is tantamount to a death sentence for some patients who depend on coverage to manage serious and chronic medical conditions,” said California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones. “The President and House Republicans have nothing to be proud of today as they work to take health care coverage away from millions of Americans who will be harmed by their actions.”

Jones believes that this is like a rewind to the days where Americans were priced out of coverage, had inadequate coverage, and older individuals faced higher coverage. He said that the “fatally flawed bill” would allow for the sale of low-coverage health insurance, that would prove nearly useless when illness strikes. “This bill also weakens existing prohibitions against annual and lifetime limits, which protect Americans from catastrophic medical costs,” added Commissioner Jones.

Going against the strong objections of the American Medical Association, American Hospital Association and the AARP, and several others; the House with a vote of 217 to 213, approved to repeal and replace certain parts of the Affordable Care Act. “It was a GREAT day for the United States of America,” said President Trump in a Twitter tweet. “This is a great plan that is a repeal & replace of ObamaCare. Make no mistake about it.”

The revised plan would give younger Americans the best rates, with the middle-class to higher-income Americans receiving tax cuts. Those uninsured will no longer face tax penalties.  The new plan will cut the taxes imposed on those making more than $200,000. The lowest income citizens, who receive Medicaid (approximately 20% of Americans), including men, women, children, seniors and disabled by reducing the amount paid, which will result in reduced benefits or eligibility. The working poor, making $20,000 per year will feel the face the biggest losses changing from ObamaCare to TrumpCare.

“The Affordable Care Act made it possible for California to expand Medi-Cal coverage to five million additional Californians and an additional 1.2 million Californians who receive federal premium subsidies,” said Commission Dave Jones.  The vote will still go through the senate for possible revisions once introduced to the senate, which comes before it is signed into law.


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