Disorientated Hiker Hoist Rescued Near San Bernardino Peak

Disorientated Hiker Hoist Rescued Near San Bernardino Peak

A male subject decided to go hiking along on Friday evening and became disoriented when he found himself stuck on a steep shale rock slope. Authorities and rescue personnel learned that the man, Andrew Frey, parked his vehicle in the Angeles Oaks area and started his hike. Mr. Frey went off the main trail and became lost.

By around 5:50 p.m., Mr. Frey believed that he was lost. Nightfall was approaching and Mr. Frey was cold, wet, and frightened.  He called 911 to request assistance and sheriff’s aviation responded to the area to search. Within around 20 minutes, Mr. Frey was located quite a distance from the main trail in the San Gorgonio area.

Rescue crews asked dispatchers to tell Mr. Frey to remain where he was so that the helicopter could rescue him. A hoist rescue was planned and conducted. The crew flew up to the 7,850′ msl location. Mr. Frey was placed into a rescue extraction suit and was lifted safely into the helicopter. He was transported down to a Forest Falls turnout where he was released without any injuries.

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