Family Assistance Program 3rd Annual ‘Dreams Come True’ Gala 2017

Family Assistance Program 3rd Annual ‘Dreams Come True’ Gala 2017

VICTORVILLE – Dreams can be described as a short glimpse into who we would like to become, what we would like to happen and what we would like to achieve.

With strength, perseverance, and sometimes along the way; love, support, and compassion those willing to continue to work hard, see these dreams come to reality. The Family Assistance Program, although they are partially responsible for the positive outcome, choose to honor some of those who worked to achieve their goals alongside their valuable employees who work hard to see their clients through. Those they serve are all ages, all walks of life, and with many different experiences. The programs at the Family Assistance Program are there to guide them, whoever they are, to their personal success. For some, it is just by offering them a safe place to hang out as teens and young adults, for others it is safety from an abusive partner, and for several; it is support through the escape from someone who has intertwined or even imprisoned them into a life of sex work.

Some seek assistance when broken, with pieces to put back together and others come strong, ready to fight for the life that they want. All are important to those who work for one of their many programs offered. Never giving up on those who sometimes consider giving up on themselves, and lifting those they serve when they are feeling down. On Sunday, October 1, 2017, many of these people came together to recognize and celebrate these achievements. The event took place at the Hilton Garden Inn located in the City of Victorville from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Attire was semi-formal to formal and the interior decor was nothing less than elegant.

The Hope House is the longest running program, serving those impacted by domestic violence. Employee Lori Roberts was honored for her passion and dedication. Her and the passion of her team, helped people like Susan Carol Galvez to leave an abusive spouse. Along with her children, Galvez left the bad experience and eventually got into transitional housing. Galvez saw the big picture and has the determination to make her dreams a reality, even with citizenship issues. The Family Assistance Program helped her so that she could legally work in the United States. Now, with the help of Hope House, Galvez has gained and maintained gainful employment and a safe, secure, household for her and her children.

The Open Door services those who have victimized into a life of human trafficking or other sexual exploitation. Those involved in human trafficking; both men or women, go through an emotional rollercoaster while leaving these situations. The families of those victimized also go through numerous emotions during the healing process. Staff member, Emily Dickson was honored for her willingness to assist and support those who were victimized by human trafficking.Clients like Rashanae Covington have under her guidance, as well as the guidance of other staff and volunteers have worked through surmountable obstacles to now becoming an employed high school graduate.

Sometimes young people and their parents need a mediator; a bridge between what the young person wants and what the parent wants for them. These situations are all very individual and are handled that way when a juvenile between the ages of 11-17 comes to “Our House” seeking refuge from what they feel like was a bad enough situation to leave. Staff member, Devin Baze was honored at the ‘Dreams Come True’ event for being a true team leader, leading both the young clients and the staff in the right direction. Participant Levi Deathrage went to Our House in 2014, and since has been an active participant and an advocate for homeless youth. He is now employed and takes time out of his life and work to speak out to help the State of California recognize the need for additional support for homeless youth.

The “Fam Spot” —also known as The Family Center, offers numerous services, classes, job search assistance as well as a nice, fun, safe and all-inclusive place for teens and young adults to learn to not only coexist despite their differences but eventually intermingle and even appreciate their differences. The Fam Spot offers free after school snacks, WiFi, games and a rewarding social experience for youth. Staff member Mary Moore was honored for her enthusiasm and ambition which shows in her work with those she serves. Kendale Carroll was one of the participants who was honored at the 5-hour-long award, dinner, dessert, silent auction, and fundraising event. Despite his challenges, Kendale, who is 18-years-old looked at them simply as challenges to overcome, rather than excuses to use. Throughout everything, Kendale looked forward keeping the smile on his face.

The honorees all have additional dreams, and as they accomplish their goals, they set new ones realizing that they can and will achieve. For more information or to see how you can support the Family Assistance Program see their website at



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