Four Convicted of Shooting and Beating Man in Mira Loma and Long Beach

Four Convicted of Shooting and Beating Man in Mira Loma and Long Beach

LONG BEACH – Four men were convicted of brutally beating, shooting, strangling and eventually leaving a man for dead, officials said. The incident began on September 7, 2012, in the City of Mira Loma. Victim Hector Jauregui Campos, 24 was at a home when he was shot in the back of his head then hit with a sledgehammer by defendants, Jose Duenas, 23, Christopher Arevalo Ramirez, 24, and Rafael Bravo, 25.

According to the prosecutor, Campos was still alive after being hit and shot in the head. A witness testified that after Duenas and Ramirez beat Campos in the middle of the street. The two subsequently put Campos in the car and drove to Long Beach while Bravo took Campos’ truck and dumped it in Pomona.

Duenas and Ramirez stopped by an apartment in Long Beach where they met with  Rafael Antonio Portales, 25. The three talked with the severely injured Campos and again began beating him. Duenas then got a shirt, placed it around Campos’ neck and began to strangle him. His body then went limp and the three men beat him again before placing him in the trunk of a vehicle, a witness said. The witness took down the license plate and called the police.

Ramirez and Portales got in the vehicle, drove it to an alley, pulled Campos out, shot him in the head again and fled the scene. Authorities located the vehicle and pulled the pair over. The two were found to have Campos’ blood on them and they were arrested. A woman walking through the alley where Campos was left found him and called 911. Campos was taken to the hospital where he died as a result of his injuries the following day.

After the two were arrested the police received a tip that Bravo was cleaning up the Mira Loma crime scene. Deputies responded and arrested Bravo in connection with the murder. Duenas was arrested shortly after at the scene of the strangulation, officials said.

On Monday, July 25, 2016, after three days of deliberations, all four were found guilty of second-degree murder and kidnapping. They will be sentenced at the Long Beach Superior Court on August 10, 2016 ,where each faces a life sentence in prison.


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