Mountain Visitors Continuously  Show a Lack of Regard for Residents and Nature

Mountain Visitors Continuously Show a Lack of Regard for Residents and Nature

Those who move to the mountain areas do so to get away, become one with nature, or to experience the beauty these areas have to offer.

The nearly perfect living environment does not come without frustration for many of these residents with seasonal visitors who wreak havoc on the beautiful landscape. Sure, it is fun to take your children to experience the beauty, not to mention, a fun day in the snow. As parents or even just adults, we should teach our younger counterparts that nature is to be respected. Do you throw trash in your yard or inside your home?  For most, the answer is no but daily during the winter months, residents of our mountain communities have to go out and pick up the mess visitors left. They have to navigate through roadways because excited visitors stopped the moment they saw snow. Their quiet way of living, the beautiful nature, is replaced with rowdy visitors stomping through their private property, blocking access to their home, and leaving a mess.

The California Highway Patrol reminds mountain visitors to bring chains, but also to bring bags in order to take your trash home with you. Also, you should never block a roadway for any non-emergency reason. Don’t make yourself an unwanted visitor, enjoy the beauty and fun that nature has to offer but thank the residents for their hospitality by cleaning up after yourself and respecting their space.

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