Murrieta McDonald’s Worker Caught on Tape Throwing Refund at Customer

Murrieta McDonald’s Worker Caught on Tape Throwing Refund at Customer

MURRIETA – A Murrieta woman was shocked at the treatment she received when she took her five children to McDonald’s on the 40600 block of California Oaks Road in the City of Murrieta Saturday night.

Lunja Bishop said that the incident began when she was given the wrong order. She said she believes that the order that she paid for was possibly given to someone who did not pay. “When I saw that I was given the wrong order, I parked assuming they would figure it out and bring me my order,” said Bishop.  “When they didn’t I simply went back through the drive-thru.”

She said the first employee was very nice and apologized for the mistake. To her surprise, when she drove up to the window the second female, who originally gave her the order was allegedly hostile and cursed at her saying she should have walked her dumb [expletive] in to have her order fixed. Bishop said the woman first said that she did not pay until she produced a receipt. “She snatched my receipt and my bag and took my bag to the back for what seemed liked forever,” said Bishop.  “I started thinking to myself if I really wanted to give my kids food that this obviously upset person was preparing.”

“My boys in the back seats were shocked & worried,” said Bishop. When the worker returned she then calmly asked for a refund and that she believes her calm demeanor may have further upset the irate worker. Bishop’s 17-year-old daughter was very upset about the treatment of her mother and began recording, unsure of what would happen next. As seen in the short video you can see the employee toss the cash at Bishop through the drive-thru window.

Bishop spoke with the franchise owner about the ordeal on Monday and said she was offered a gift certificate. “I’m actually not at all comfortable with a gift certificate,workers commented on the Facebook post saying what they would’ve done to my food,” she added. “It’s sad. I have young kids that love McDonald’s.” Bishop said that the franchise owner did not mention giving her the rest of her refund since the money tossed at her was just over $2, Bishop said. She said that she is still owed $5 that was not refunded to her for the order that she did not receive.

A 24/7 Headline News reporter contacted the McDonald’s location where the incident took place, a manager by the name of  Sergio said, “I can’t give you any information about that, I can give you the number to the main office.”  When the main office called, a woman who answered only gave the name of Rita, when her last name was requested she said, “I don’t have to give you that.” Rita told 24/7 Headline News, “I can not tell you what actions we took, that is a personnel issue. I can say that because it was all over social media it has been dealt with.”

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