Reign Foundation Bringing Inspiration to Homeless and Otherwise Disadvantaged Women

Reign Foundation Bringing Inspiration to Homeless and Otherwise Disadvantaged Women

VICTORVILLE – Homeless women or those who are otherwise financially disadvantaged are some of the most vulnerable in our population.

Some are alone and some have children, leaving them with even less time and finances to invest in their own health and appearance. The Reign Foundation was founded by a woman and is specifically for women. It was not that founder, Tiana Norman did not feel that the need to empower men, it was that she knew that one small organization could only focus on a group at a time. In her life, Norman experienced ups and downs making her feel drained, hopeless, worthless, which led to a vulnerability in many areas of her life. These vulnerabilities, mostly in women, have the tendency to create a downward spiral, sometimes into dangerous, self-destructive behaviors. Changes in her life and support along the way changed these feelings and brought her from an often self-neglecting woman to a woman who knows her worth and works hard to empower other women.

Each year, beginning 2017 the Reign Foundation has decided to have an event to help uplift women who can truly use the uplifting. With the help of sponsors, the 501(c)3 nonprofit is able to provide a night or pampering to dozens of women, some who have never experienced a beautiful night out. From hair to makeup, nails, and professional photos, these women are whisked around a beautifully decorated venue as the guests of honor. Feeling like stars, the once stoic faces turn to faces with a glow in their eyes and smiles from ear to ear. Women are carefully selected from numerous nonprofit organizations that serve those in financial distress, from needing utility assistance to those without a home.

These women, most of whom are already receiving additional services get the boost that they need to move beyond some of the depressed feelings to see hope. The supportive environment, inspiring stories, and the out of the ordinary first-class experience for them is all that some of these women need to move forward in a positive direction. Some of these women who participated last year were able to keep up their looks and find stable employment and housing only weeks following the event.

Sponsors are needed who are willing to gift a ticket to a woman in need for $50 or ‘Match Her Makeover’, purchasing a makeover for a woman in need and herself at the same time for $100. The funds will go to making the event possible and if any is left over, to future services and events. “We are targeting professional women who have the heart to help,” said Reign Foundation President Tianna Norman. The target date for the event has now been moved forward to June, and hair stylists, makeup artists, manicurists, photographers, videographers, and entertainers are needed. Funds are extremely limited so volunteers are needed.

The event venue, food, drinks, and desserts are not yet secured, if you have access to a nice, large, low-cost venue, or venue willing to provide a deep discount to a nonprofit please contact the or message the Reign Foundation Facebook page.

Reign Foundation Launches By Pampering Disadvantaged and Homeless Women

Reign Foundation Hosting “Crowned in the City” Serving Homeless and Disadvantaged Women

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