Testing of Human Remains in Dog Feces Determine Man Was Eaten by His Dogs

Testing of Human Remains in Dog Feces Determine Man Was Eaten by His Dogs

VENUS, Tx. – A man reported missing in May 2019 has now been determined to have been eaten by his own dogs, authorities said. 


Freddie Mack, 57, a Texas man was determined to be deceased after Medical examiners said that DNA testing of pieces of bone found in the feces of his dogs belonged to Mack. Mr. Mack lived with 18 dogs, all of mixed breeds which for reasons unknown attack and ate right through his clothing eating flesh, muscle, organs, bones, and even hair. Authorities said that the pieces left for DNA analysis were 5 inches at the largest. 


At this time it is unclear if Mack died of one of many of his medical conditions and was subsequently eaten or if he was attacked and eaten.  The area which Mack lived in was desolate, with him mostly keeping to himself. His family said that they had not heard from him since April. The family attempted to go to his home to make contact with him, but his aggressive dogs did not let them enter the gate to his property. Deputies also had problems attempting to access his home in order to perform a well check, authorities said. 


Deputies eventually were able to access the home but did not find Mack. They continued to search the area, but still were not able to locate him. Detectives went onto his property where they eventually found hair entangled in the feces of his dog. Upon further search they found pieces of clothing and bone. Some of the bones were sent in for DNA analysis using the DNA of family members. It was determined that the remains belonged to Mack.


Deputies said that the well cared for dogs we mostly euthanized due to their aggressive behavior, but three were able to go up for adoption.  


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