Tricycle and 18-years of Memories Stolen From Apple Valley Family

APPLE VALLEY – An Apple Valley woman is distraught over the theft of a tricycle that was stolen from her own Apple Valley home on Saturday.  It was not just the fact that a tricycle was stolen from her 5-year-old son, but it is the sentimental value of that tricycle. Samantha Flores said that her only little brother, Kyle, who died in 2012 had given that three-seater tricycle to her son just days before his sudden death.

At around 12:20 a.m. on Saturday, August 6, 2016, the family dogs alerted  to something suspicious at her home in the 22800 block Lone Eagle Road near Vanguard Elementary . Only wearing a t-shirt she headed out to see what was going on. When she went out she was shocked to see a woman, or a slender-build man with long sandy blonde hair loading her son’s tricycle into a light-colored, possibly white truck. She said it had something in the bed of the truck, possibly an American flag or “some sort of tow arm or engine lift”.

Samantha and Kyle suffered the loss of their mother when Kyle was only 9-years-old, that is when she stepped in to raise her brother. Samantha said that Kyle grew up with her kids, with her oldest child being only four years younger than him. “It was right before Christmas 2012, my son Blake had just turned one, he’s the youngest of six kids,” said Samantha. “My only little brother Kyle loved Blake so much. He was my baby and the last thing I had left it my mom.”

Samantha said that Kyle saw the tricycle at a garage sale and bought it for her son, Blake because he knew he would love it. On Christmas day in 2012, just days after Blake received his tricycle, Kyle who was 18-years-old, like many teens experimented with ecstasy. For Kyle this proved to be deadly and the friends that he tried this with left him for dead.

Blake, now 5-years-old would ride the bike and talk about Kyle. “He always tells everyone his uncle Kyle gave him the tricycle,” said Samantha. “ All I want is the bike returned it can’t be replaced.”  Due to financial struggles, Samantha said that her children do not have much, this tricycle was something treasured by her young son.

“She definitely had to come all the way from the street up to my front door to take it,” said Samantha. The person was wearing a light colored tank top or sleeveless shirt and shorts. The truck was a larger size truck, similar to the size of a Dodge Ram 1500 and possibly a 2005-2009 model truck with a short bed.

I only want the bike back, it means the world to me,” said Samantha. “If she returns it I absolutely will not press charges and  if she’s afraid to return it to my house maybe she can return it to the elementary school parking lot where I can find it.”  She said her neighbor has a security camera and will be reviewing the footage. Once that is done, she will be forced to go to the police in hopes the report will lead her to the tricycle.


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