Barstow Mother and Children Grateful for Small Act of Kindness

Barstow Mother and Children Grateful for Small Act of Kindness

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BARSTOW – A Barstow mother is grateful for a kind gesture made by a Barstow Fire Protection Captain on Thursday. The young mother got her three children ready for their walk to her mother’s home on her way to work.

Anastachia Hamilton walks her 4-year-old, 3-year-old, and 10-month-old children to her mother’s house and then to her job at Walmart every day. “I usually leave about an hour in a half early to make it on time, it is a far walk,” said Anastachia.

As she walked on Thursday, pushing her youngest child in the stroller, she noticed that her daughter KayCee who was pushing her doll in a toy stroller began lagging too far behind. Anastachia grabbed the stroller and started walking with it over the freeway bridge to assist her young daughter in keeping up.

Soon Anastachia noticed that she dropped her daughter’s doll ‘Lucy’, that she has just recently received for her birthday. Her first thought was to look for the doll, but she realized that the doll was likely far behind and their time was limited. She glanced back hoping that she was within her sight.

Before she knew it a Barstow Fire Protection District fire engine drove up to them and a Fire Captain Nick Dinapoli got out. “He asked if we were looking for something and I said yes, we lost her baby,” said Anastachia.  “He said well look what I have.”  Captain Dinapoli, also the owner of Di Napoli’s Firehouse Italian Eatery in Barstow and the Town of Apple Valley walked the doll over to the KayCee, who was very grateful.

Before leaving Captain Dinapoli hugged the children and gave Anastachia bus money to get them to their destination faster than they would on foot. “We will forever be grateful, that is a day my children still talk about,” said Anastachia. “In my 5 years of living here in Barstow, he showed me and my children that the world is still filled with people that care.”

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  • Fireman-and-children: Photos provided by Anastachia Hamilton
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