Dog Saved From Scorching Hot Vehicle

Dog Saved From Scorching Hot Vehicle

LANCASTER, Calif. – A passerby noticed a dog in a scorching hot vehicle, with the windows up in the City of Lancaster.

Every year despite education pets and even small children are found inside not running vehicles with the windows up. “With summer upon us and the temperatures rising into the mid-to-high ’90s this week, we take a moment to remind you to never leave your pet in the car,” Lancaster Sheriff’s station officials said. “Not even for a brief moment. Temperatures inside vehicles can easily reach 15-20 degrees hotter than the temperature that day, meaning your pup can be stuck in 110-120 degree car, unable to get out.”

The little guy’s fate may not have been so positive if it was not for a bystander who reported her finding. Once reported, Deputy Haymond was able to access the dog through an unlocked car door. The owner arrived shortly after. Deputy Haymond told the owner of the vehicle the dangers of leaving the dog inside the vehicle. “We know you love your pets, we know it’s not done maliciously, but please, don’t ever leave them in the vehicle in this heat,” Lancaster Sheriff’s officials added.

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