Lancaster Deputy Pushes Woman’s Motorized Wheelchair One Mile to Her Home

Lancaster Deputy Pushes Woman’s Motorized Wheelchair One Mile to Her Home

LANCASTER – On Tuesday, October 2, 2018, a concerned citizen reported a wheelchair sitting in the middle of the road.  Deputies from the Lancaster station responded and to their surprise, they found a wheelchair on the side of the road with an elderly woman sitting in it. Deputy Chapman and Montanez learned that the wheelchair was out of power and the woman was stuck sitting in the chair during the hot day.

The heavy wheelchair did not fold and there was no way to fit it inside the patrol vehicle. The deputies offered the woman a ride home. The woman was hesitant because if she took the ride, her only means of mobility would be left behind. Deputy Montanez then offered to push the wheelchair around one mile to the woman’s home. The deputy, who was dressed in uniform and boots began pushing the wheelchair as Deputy Chapman drove the woman home. “Deputy Chapman teased him about his “slow” pace and you can hear our elderly friend getting a good laugh out of it,” Lancaster Sheriff’s officials said.


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