Mountain Lion Attack Kills a 6-Month-Old Phelan Colt

Mountain Lion Attack Kills a 6-Month-Old Phelan Colt

PHELAN – The owner of an attacked and now deceased 6-month-old colt wants to warn others of the dangers of mountain lions in the Phelan area. Shari Visser, a Phelan resident who lives near Goss & Caughlin Road said that on Sunday evening at around 6:00 p.m. her adult daughter went out to feed the horses when she heard the dogs barking frantically on one side of the large yard. She walked in the direction of the dogs and noticed their approximately 600-pound colt was not in the arena where he was left with his mother and another large horse. When she went to investigate she saw that the horse had been pulled under a fence and into the stall area. Although she did not see the mountain lion, the veterinarian said the attack was clearly that of a mountain lion.

Visser believes that the mountain lion was scared off by her large barking dogs as it tried to drag the horse off of the property. She wanted to share the story since there are a lot of horses, other animals and small children living in the area. She wants everyone to be aware that the mountain lion was very bold and the injuries were catastrophic. “There was only evidence of mountain lions in Phelan towards Oak Hills now they are here on north side also,” said Visser. “There are rumors that it is a mother lion with lion cubs”.

The injuries the colt sustained included paralyzation of his back legs, back, neck and chest injuries. “It looks like it got him from the backside, pulled him down and paralyzed his back legs,” she said. “It then bit his neck and chest puncturing his lungs.” Visser fears that this is not the last time the mountain lion will leave behind evidence of his/her presence. “The vet said that they kill their prey, bury it, and then come back.”

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife says that mountain lions prey on deer, deer-proofing your landscaping including removal of certain plants that deer eat may help keep the mountain lion away. Also removing hiding places like thick brush, removing pet food that may attract the mountain lion’s prey, and installing motion sensor lighting around the home may also help to keep the mountain lion a safe distance from the property. Sturdy, covered shelter to any vulnerable animals can provide extra security against the mountain lion. Since mountain lions are most often out at dawn, dusk and at night, smaller pets and children should remain indoors during that time and children playing outside should be attended at all times.

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