Parents Concerned About  Near Sexual Assault of Montara Elementary Student

Parents Concerned About Near Sexual Assault of Montara Elementary Student

BARSTOW, Calif. – A Barstow mother reached out to the public about an incident that allegedly took place at Montara Elementary School on Friday.

Lisa LaStelly said that her 9-year-old daughter was on the school playground when four, 4th grade boys approached her and held her down. A fifth boy told the victim that he would have sex with her, as well as making other explicit and threatening statements. The young victim fought the boys off of her and immediately ran to tell a teacher. “My daughter’s teacher was ordered by the principal not to call us regarding my daughter’s well being,” said Daniel Yniguez, the father of the victim.

The shaken young child told her mother about the incident as soon as school was over. “I didn’t receive a call from the school informing me of what had happened,” said LaStelly. “I found out when my daughter came home devastated. I went straight to the school and was given excuse after excuse as to why I wasn’t called.” Lisa LaStelly said that her daughter was quite shaken by the incident. “The way she explained things to me broke my heart.”

According to LaStelly, the principal downplayed the incident by sayin “they didn’t rape her”, and continued to tell her that the boys were facing a 5-day suspension. In addition, she said that the principal told her to wait until Monday to call the police. Despite the principal’s recommendation, LaStelly called the police to assist in the situation. “While I was in her office waiting for the police, she was using talk to text to communicate with the superintendent,” said LaStelly. “She told him there had been a situation and she didn’t want the media getting a hold of it.”

According to the victim’s mother, the school said that they were using a skeleton crew to supervise the children during the time of the incident. “My daughter also goes to that school,” said Jasmine Jackson on Facebook group, Barstow Bad News Express. “Boys have been talking sexually to her and I went straight to the school talk to the principal. I gave them the boys name and they have yet to do anything about it”  Several parents agreed that the school staff, “sweeps things under the rug” in order to prevent negative media attention.

This attempted sexual assault accusation comes just days following the arrest of the principal of Barstow Unified School District Skyline North Elementary School after harboring her adult son who was wanted for attempted murder. During the search of her home, where illegal drugs were found.

“I’m fighting till the end,” said LaStelly, on Barstow Bad News Express. “This isn’t only about my daughter, this is about protecting other people’s children as well.” The school principal and other school staff are not available for comment at this time, information will be updated as it is received.

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