Road Work Expected to Create Delays While Resuming Adelanto Towne Center Construction

Road Work Expected to Create Delays While Resuming Adelanto Towne Center Construction

ADELANTO – Adelanto residents will be pleased to learn that the development of the Adelanto Town Center will resume following a delay lasting several years due to two jet fuel lines underneath highway 395.

The center, set to be located at the southwest corner of Highway 395 and Mojave Drive, after years of negotiations between the city, Caltrans and Kinder Morgan officials, the construction activity that will lead to a new shopping center will resume. The negotiations led to a detour plan that has been approved by the City of Victorville. This detour will begin in late November or early December creating delays due to a partial closure of Mojave Drive that is expected to last approximately five months. During the closure, crews will use a concrete cap to protect the pipeline and allow the widening of Highway 395 from Mojave Drive south to Victor Street. This plan will save cost and time by avoiding the relocation of the petroleum pipelines that run parallel to the project. City officials said that all of the street construction will be completed during the partial closure. “Once we’ve completed widening our side of Highway 395, including the concrete cap, breaking ground can occur for the nine buildings in the 12.5-acre retail shopping center,” said Brian Wolfe, City Engineer for Adelanto.

Once complete, residents of the City of Adelanto, surrounding cities, and those traveling through highway 395, will be able to enjoy a car wash, multi-tenant retail stores, fast food restaurants, and a gas station. The construction will include curbing and a sidewalk on the west side of highway 395. The detour will cause delays by leaving only one north and southbound traffic lane open throughout the construction period. Some left turn movements at the intersection will be restricted. “This is an exciting time for Adelanto to see several projects getting closer to becoming a reality,” said Mayor Richard Kerr.  “This, of course, will lead to more jobs and additional tax revenue for our city,” Kerr added.

Once all street widening is complete, which includes the concrete cap, utility and grading operations at the Towne Center will last about three months after which building construction begins with another seven months before the project is completed.

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