Toddler Attacked at Fontana Gym Child Care While Staff Stood By

Toddler Attacked at Fontana Gym Child Care While Staff Stood By

FONTANA, Calif. – The mother of an 18-month-old boy posted to Facebook in order to get the word out about an incident that allegedly took place at a 24 Hour Fitness in the City of Fontana.

Arlette Acosta said that she took her son with her to the 24 Hour Fitness located at 15310 Summit Avenue in the City of Fontana on Tuesday, February 19, 2019. In order to work out, she signed her son into the gym’s daycare at around 12:25 p.m. Less than a half hour later, Acosta was informed that her son was involved in an “incident”. She looked at her son whose face was bleeding and scratched because a child, who she said was around 3-years-old attacked him over a toy.

“They refused to show me the video for three days until I obtained a police report,” said Acosta in her social media post. “When I finally watched the video with the police officer, my heart was shattered. My kid was trying to get play in the playhouse when the aggressive child began hitting my kid relentlessly.” Acosta said that her son ran out of the playhouse in fear of the young assailant. The boy followed him, grabbing him by his sweater and threw him down. “He stomped his head with his foot and kept kicking him until my son could finally get up,” Acosta added.  “When he got up again crying, the aggressive kid grabbed him by the neck and dragged him into the playhouse and began beating him again until management finally noticed after 5-8 minutes.”

Acosta said that she would like to know what the person or people who were responsible to oversee the children were doing while her child was being attacked. She said that there were employees at the front desk, while her son was crying out in pain as the other child hit and kicking him. The staff at the 24 Hour Fitness assured her that the child who hurt her son would not be allowed to go back to the childcare for a period of six months. Acosta does not feel that 6 months is sufficient. “Today it was my son, tomorrow it may be yours,” said Acosta. “My son is doing well, thank God, but 5-8 min with abuse like I saw on footage could be lethal for other kids with the negligence of these people “taking care of them”.”

A 24/7 Headline reporter attempted to contact a 24 Hour Fitness representative for comment, but they were not available for comment. Information will be updated as it is received.

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