Hesperia Sheriff’s Station is Conducting Special Distracted Driver Enforcement

Hesperia Sheriff’s Station is Conducting Special Distracted Driver Enforcement

HESPERIA – Distracted driving is a major cause of traffic collision causing damage, injury, and sometimes even death. Putting makeup on, sending a text message, talking on a cell phone, and eating are just some of the many things that take a driver’s eyes or mind off of the road or hands off of the steering wheel. So many people take part in this behavior that it has become the norm and people do not even realize the dangers.

Laws prevent distracted driving, but many do not follow these laws. Non-handsfree cell phone usage for any driver with the exception of those used for valid emergency or work-related purposes is not legal. Any driver under 18 years of age is not to use a cell phone handheld or handsfree. Adult drivers can use a phone using any hands-free method. New laws do allow a single swipe or tap to activate or deactivate a function, but scrolling, texting, or multiple taps is not legal.

Hesperia Traffic Division is taking additional measures to enforce this by deploying a special operation with saturations done each day looking for distracted drivers. This will be done from Monday, April 10th to Friday, April 14th. “Violators will be stopped and cited,” Hesperia Sheriff’s officials said in a news release. “This operation is to help reduce distracted driving related traffic collision.”

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