Machete Weilding Man Jumps From Behind a Bush to Rob Bicyclist

Machete Weilding Man Jumps From Behind a Bush to Rob Bicyclist

RIVERSIDE – An arrest was made on Sunday after a bicyclist was riding near Van Buren Boulevard and the Santa Ana river bottom and was robbed with a machete.
The incident was reported on Sunday, February 19, 2017, at around 1:00 p.m. The bicyclist said that he was cycling near the river bottom and the suspect, later identified as James Embrey, 42,  jumped out of the bushes with a machete. Startled, the victim fell from his bike. The suspect approached the downed bicyclist holding the machete up in an aggressive manner and threatening to kill the victim if he attempted to leave.

“He forced the victim to walk towards Van Buren Boulevard as he held the machete,” Riverside Police officials said. “Once there, the suspect asked for some money and the victim complied.” Air-1 was called to the scene in order to assist in the search for the suspect. Upon arrival they quickly located the suspect and directed officers on the ground to his location. The officers approached the suspect, but he continued closer and closer to the river bottom until he entered the river and began swimming away. .

Officers called for assistance from the Riverside Fire Department to stage for swift water rescue, but the suspect eventually swam to the south shore line and surrendered to the officers. Embrey, a Riverside area transient was arrested and booked into jail for robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, kidnapping, and criminal threats.

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  • James-Embrey: Photo courtesy of Riverside Police Department