Over Two Dozen Arrests Made During Barstow Probation/PRCS/Parole Compliance Checks

Over Two Dozen Arrests Made During Barstow Probation/PRCS/Parole Compliance Checks

BARSTOW – Dozens of arrests were made during a Thursday afternoon probation and parole compliance operation in the City of Barstow on Thursday. At around 1:00 p.m. in a joint effort to keep the streets safe, 25 officers from the Barstow Police Department, San Bernardino County Probation Department and the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation all performed these checks of those on Active Probation, Post Release Community Supervision (PRCS), or Parole.

“The operation is an ongoing effort to ensure that those individuals on Probation, PRCS or Parole comply with the terms and conditions of their supervised release,” Barstow Police officials said. Twenty-six were arrested during the multiple residence checks and searches of those on Probation, PRCS, and Parole.


“During the operation, officers conducted a traffic enforcement stop on a vehicle in the 700 block of Arville Avenue.” Barstow Police officials said. “During the traffic stop, officers conducted a search of the vehicle and located an illegal sawed-off shotgun, ammunition for the shotgun, and narcotics.  Officers identified the driver as Christopher Thatcher, from Barstow. Further investigation revealed that Thatcher cannot legally possess firearms. Officers placed Thatcher under arrest and seized the firearm.”

Nicole Patten of Lancaster was also found to be driving a stolen vehicle in the 1200 block of East Main Street. The vehicle was stopped and Patten was arrested and the vehicle was recovered.


The operation resulted in the following additional arrest:

NAME:                               AGE:              CHARGE:

Francisco Chavez             25                 PC 3056 – Parole Violation

Morris Gardner                  37                 HS 11377(a) – Possession of Controlled   Substance

                                                                    HS 11364(a) – Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Melissa Amparan              37                 PC 484(a) / 490.5 – Shoplifting (Arrest Warrant)

Jesse Gutierrez                 47                 PC 3455 – Probation Violation (PRCS)

Joaquin Gonzalez            36                 VC 40508 – Failure to Appear (Arrest Warrant)

Kennard Newbold             26                 VC 14601 – Suspended Driver’s License  (Arrest Warrant)

Jermaine White                 40                 PC 3056 – Parole Violation

Terrell Begay                     48                 PC 3056 – Parole Violation          

Michael Madrid                  50                 PC 3455 – Probation Violation (PRCS)

Wayne Saiz                        45                 HS 11550(a) HS – Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance

Jason Stewart                    32                 PC 3056 – Parole Violation          

Allen Petty                          34                 PC 3056 – Parole Violation

Ryan Martinez                   27                 PC 3056 – Parole Violation          

Edgar Campos                  23                 PC 211 – Robbery (Arrest Warrant)

Jeremiah Scott                   31                 PC 602 – Trespassing (Arrest Warrant)

Jerry Kinkle                        36                 HS 11377(a) – Possession of Controlled Substance (Arrest Warrant)

                                                                    HS 11350(a) – Possession of Controlled Substance (Arrest Warrant)

Zayne Lazaro                     22                 PC 245(a) – Assault with a Deadly Weapon                                                                        (Arrest Warrant)

Dennis Archer                   51                 VC 12500(a) – Driving Without a License                                                                            (Arrest Warrant)

NAME:                                   AGE:              CHARGE:

Michael Cox                       29                 HS 11550(a) – Under the Influence of Controlled Substance (Arrest Warrant)

                                                                    PC 490.5 – Shoplifting (Arrest Warrant)

Marcela Quinones            26                 VC 14601 – Suspended Driver’s License                                                                             (Arrest Warrant)

Christopher Thatcher       29                 PC 29800(a) – Felon Possess Firearm

                                                                    HS 11370.1 – Possess Controlled Substance While Armed

Eric Kuss                            46                 PC 647(f) – Public Intoxication (Arrest Warrant)

Ryan Stapleton                 23                 PC 3454 – Probation Violation (PRCS)

Nicole Patten                     33                 VC 10851(a) – Vehicle Theft

                                                                    PC 496(d) – Possession of Stolen Property

                                                                    PC 487(c) – Grand Theft Vehicle

Robert Hartland                37                 HS 11377(a) HS – Possession of a Controlled Substance

Pablo Garcia                      44                 VC 4000(a) – Expired Registration (Arrest Warrant)


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