No Arrest Made After Palmdale Baby’s Abuse is Recorded (VIDEO May Be Disturbing)

No Arrest Made After Palmdale Baby’s Abuse is Recorded (VIDEO May Be Disturbing)

PALMDALE, Ca. – A 4-month-old Palmdale baby was recorded during a beating allegedly at the hands of her mother and no arrests have been made days later.

Heather Gall, said that she is in a dating relationship with the baby’s biological father, Todd. The recording was sent from Brenda Gonzalez’ cell phone and Gall said that the tattoos on the arms in the video show that the person hitting and yelling at the infant were those of Gonzalez, the baby girl’s biological mother. Gall said that on May 15, 2020, the baby’s father got a call from Gonzalez asking for him to come over. He said “no” and soon after he received a video of what appears to be Gonzalez hitting her infant child in the face and yelling, “shut up!” as the baby cried. She then told him to come get his (expletive) baby.

Three days later, on May 18, 2020, Todd went to meet with Gonzalez at a laundromat. As she switched the clothes from the washer to the dryer, Todd walked out with the baby girl and took her back to Gall’s home. The home in the rural area was where the baby stood until on May 21, 2020. Palmdale Sheriff’s deputies and social workers from the Department of Children and Family Services went to the Palmdale home, took a report, and removed the baby from the home. The baby was later placed in the home of one of Gonzalez’ sisters.

No arrests were made, not Todd for parental abduction. Gall says he was not arrested because of the message ordering him to pick the baby up. Gonzalez also was not arrested for the alleged abuse toward the baby girl. “She’s living it up at the beach,” Gall said, upset that no arrest was made.

It is unclear if the baby is in safe hands or not with Gonzalez’ sister but it is clear that the social worker said she was to have no unsupervised contact with the baby girl. The visits are to be supervised with an appointed person, not including her sister.  Yet Gall and her boyfriend believe that Gonzalez’ sister is allowing her to be around the baby girl. On Gonzalez’ Facebook post on Monday, June 1, 2020, Gonzalez states that she was out attempting to purchase diapers for her daughter which may or may not imply she was in contact with her daughter.

Still, Gall said that the baby’s father and her just want to see the baby safe and they would also like to see justice for the abuse against her. A reporter with 24/7 Headline News attempted to contact Gonzalez but she was not able to be reached at this time. Sheriff’s Department officials will only confirm that a report was made but say that the case remains under investigation at this time.

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